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APA 2015

Dépression résistante : une subtile cuisine

La dépression résistante, c’est à la fois la recherche la plus sophistiquée (circuiterie, marqueurs…) et l’art médical le plus traditionnel (« Top Chef »)

Publié le : 01 Jul 2015

• From Efficacy to Biomarkers To Precision Medicine in Depression (Lecture Sunday Room 102)(Biomarkers) ITW Madhukar Trivedi

• The Future of Antidepressant Drug Discovery and Development (Lectures Room 102 (Theatre)) ITW Florian Holsboer

• An Update on the Treatment and Research of Treatment-Resistant Depression and Bipolar Disorder (Lecture Sunday Rooms 205 A-D) ITW Carlos A. Zarate

• Treatment-Resistant Depression in Late-Life: Results of the Incomplete Response in Late Life Depression: Getting to Remission Randomized Placebo-Controlled Trial (Symposia Tuesday Room 701 B) 2. The IRL-GRey Clinical Trial of Aripiprazole Augmentation for Treatment-Resistant Depression in Late Life: Tolerability and Safety ITW Benoit Mulsant